How & When It Feels Okay

by Cult Film



"It's clear that we're all very anxious over this. A change of this type is never easy and is often preceded by doomsaying on all sides. Certainly this year it appears to carry a certain degree more weight. However I can't help but hope that we can still appeal to some amount of each other's humanity. That, if anybody currently spewing hate at this moment came to me or anyone I know, needing help, that we would put this all aside and help them. When faced with the reality of, uh, Reality, we would become decent human beings. It's true that this is our fight but it's not one that any of us asked to be a part of.

It's my personal (extremely naïve) hope that this album might find the one or two people for whom it might become a source of comfort. And while this album is not in any way about this event, it was made at a time when we were being force-fed rhetoric and hate daily, hourly, by the minute and second. It has affected us all deeply and, by extension, affected our artistic perspectives.

May we never forget what this has done to us. Or, more to the point:

Fuck all of this. Fuck it so god damn hard."

-Lucas Akar

"I hope this music is a balm and not a requiem.

This has been a rough year. And it's been hard to keep believing that we really can be something more than the petty, partisan bickershits we've been trained to be. That we really can direct our lives toward something other than mutually assured destruction. (All our righteousness was never worth much, anyway. Sometimes I think that every ideology, at the root, comes from some kind of hate.) I'm exhausted.

But everything doesn't have to be like that. We can make lovely things and sing to each other and try to feel okay.

And while we're at it, we should try to get some sleep. Maybe next year will be better."

-Manny Fewer


released November 7, 2016

written, performed and produced by Cult Film
(Lucas Akar and Manny Fewer)

recorded February-October 2016
in The Kitchen
and Upstairs

mastered by Josh Wheeler

released by Hellscape Records (HEKK-LP001)

cover art and tape design by Lucas Akar



all rights reserved


Hellscape Recordings Detroit, Michigan

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